1. Equipment

We start in the complete firefighting protective equipment, which must be approved for indoor attack. The basis for this is the DIN EN valid in Germany, but comparable standards of other countries are also permitted.

In addition, a connected breathing apparatus including a full-face mask must be worn.

The equipment must be worn during the complete competition time and may not be taken off.

The start must be in detail with:

– Firefighting boots according to DIN EN 15090

– Firefighting jacket and trousers according to DIN EN 469 (e.g. NOMEX, PBI, …)

– Fire protection gloves according to DIN EN 659

– Fire helmet according to EN433

– Breathing mask (full face mask) and connected container device according to EN136 and EN137

Deviating from the usual protective equipment, the flame protection hood can be dispensed with. Furthermore, neck leathers or “Holland cloths” present on the helmet can be taken off.

The protective equipment must be put on in such a way that no part of the equipment can get lost. If the participant loses parts of the equipment during the competition, it must be taken up again immediately before the competition is continued. This includes not only the PPE but also items such as headphones, helmet cameras, sunglasses, wedges and other items that are carried. If the competition is continued despite lost items, this will lead to disqualification. Possible questions have to be clarified with the referees before the start.

The equipment will be checked before the start. If it is questionable whether the equipment meets the appropriate standards, the participant must provide the appropriate proof for this.

  • Stations

All stations are to be completed one after the other and without interruption. An intermediate removal of the breathing apparatus is not allowed.

-Station 1:

The start is at the acoustic signal of the referee at the start line. The 19 kg hose package lies approx. 2 m behind the start line and must be picked up after the start. If there is a false start, the participant gets 5 penalty seconds. The hose package has to be carried over the whole distance of approx. 70 m. At the end, the hose package must be placed completely in the marking provided for this purpose. If the hose package is not completely placed on the corresponding tray, there will be 5 penalty seconds. If there is no contact between the hose package and the marked place, this will lead to disqualification.

– Station 2:

The participant picks up the dummy (training dummy 90 kg from RuthLee) and pulls it backwards into the target. The dummy can be pulled using the hash grip, the underarm drag grip or the chest grip from behind.
Furthermore, it is possible to use the provided webbing sling (40cm) as an aid. Slings brought along by the participants are not allowed. The sling will be placed next to the dummy and must be correctly attached by the competitor. The use of the sling is only allowed in this one way: sling placed between the armpits of the dummy over the chest and as a grip aid for the competitor. Any other method of use will result in disqualification. The tape sling may remain on or attached to the dummy in the finish area of station 2 (dummy pull). However, the tape sling may not lie outside the marked area. If the sling is not in the marked area, 5 penalty seconds will be given. We expressly point out: You can use the sling provided by us. But you do not have to. Carrying the doll is not allowed. It is also forbidden to pull the doll by its clothes, arms or legs. The next station may only be started when the dummy has been completely pulled over the line.

– Station 3:

At the third station, an approx. 50 kg weight must be driven over a distance of 1.5 m with a 4 kg hammer. To do this, the participant stands with both feet on the steps provided on top of the hammering machine (HSM). It is not allowed to step on the sliding surface. The weight may only be touched with the hammer head. In order to detect failures, the handle is covered with pressure-sensitive tape. The station is finished when the corresponding mark can be seen under the weight. There is also a verbal cue from the referee. If the weight is not hit to the mark, there is a penalty of 2 seconds for every 2 cm or part thereof that is missing. If more than 10 cm are missing until the target, the station is considered as not finished, which leads to disqualification.

Afterwards the hammer has to be put down in a designated field (1×1 m). The hammer must come to rest completely within the marking. If the hammer is not completely inside the field, there will be 2 penalty seconds, if the hammer is completely outside the marking, there will be 5 penalty seconds. If the participant loses control of the hammer so that it flies uncontrolled through the area, it leads to disqualification.

– Station 4:

The 4th station consists of pulling already coupled B-hoses incl. jet pipe over a distance of 40 meters. For this, 2 x 2 B-hoses are already coupled together in bays at the start line of the station. The station is finished when both jet pipes with the coupling are completely over the finish line. It is important that the jet pipes are lying on the carpet of the own competition track. If the jet pipes are lying next to the carpet, there is a penalty of 5 seconds for each. If a jet pipe only touches the own finish line, there are 2 penalty seconds per incident. If a jet pipe lies on the opponent’s track in such a way that it obstructs the local starter, this leads to disqualification. The same happens if one or both jet pipes do not touch the finish line.  

– Station 5:

The overall finish of the competition is located on the 6th floor of the Dockland building. For this the participants have to climb the outside stairs of the building. The marked running paths in front of the stairs must be followed. In case of deviations without obstructing the opponent, there will be 5 penalty seconds. On the stairs the runner has to keep the given side. At the finish line the time will be stopped by buzzer. These must be pressed at the finish by the participants themselves. If this does not happen, there will be 2 penalty seconds. In addition, the time will be stopped manually by the referees. 

The finish area and recovery area are located on the roof terrace on the 7th floor. The finish area must be cleared as quickly as possible.

  • Rules

Only active fire fighters are allowed to start (professional fire department, volunteer fire department, federal fire department, company and plant fire department).

In the individual start, each participant completes the competition stations alone. He/she may not be supported by anyone else.

The individual start takes place with a connected breathing apparatus. Thus, each starter must have completed a respiratory protection training and must have the corresponding suitability G26.3. The latter can be checked by the organizer on the day of the competition. In any case, the participant signs for its possession on the day of the competition.

Each participant is responsible for his/her own participation in the competition.

The referee can prohibit the participation in the competition if there are health concerns or the participant is intoxicated.

  • Time penalty
 OffenseTime penalty
1False start5 sec.
2Hose package not completely in the field5 sec.
3Pylon fallen over at turning point2 sec.
4Dummy pulled incorrectly5 sec.
5Leaving the track with dummy while pulling5 sec.
6Failed hammering machine (per incident)2 sec.
7Weight HSM not on target (per 2 cm or part thereof, max. 10 cm)2 sec.
8Hammer not completely in field2 sec.
9Hammer not in contact with field5 sec.
10Jet pipe on target line (per incident)2 sec.
11Jet pipe out of lane (per incident)5 sec.
12Running path not followed5 sec.
13Buzzer not pressed at finish line2 sec.
14Entering the other competition lane (also escort)10 sec.
15Tape sling outside the field5 sec.
  • Disqualification

– Not competed

– Wrong competition clothing

– Skipping a station

– Not finishing a station

– Leaving the competition track

– Unsportsmanlike conduct

– Obstruction of the other competition lane (by oneself or by the escort)

– Unauthorized person on the track

– Time over 6 minutes

– Breathing bottle empty

– Entering the sliding surface on the hammering machine

– Loss of equipment

– Destruction of competition material

– Throwing or hitting dummy

– Incorrect use of the webbing sling

  • Scoring classes
MMen up to 30 years
M30Men 30 to 40 years
M40Men 40 years and older